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Warserver is a separate package since 0.8.0b. It is different from warclient server. Warclient and warserver have been merged later in 0.8.10a.

Released date: 26 July 2006.


  • allowtake O3o3 now works properly.
  • Server console shows time before output.
  • Welcome message loadable from file using special command /wfile, /wmessage sets it from console.
  • Remove requires admin privileges, and can remove players even in the middle of game.
  • /list shows nations in pre-game, to differentiate between users who didn't select nation.
  • When player does /start, server prints his name, to prevent spamming from unknown players.
  • /list connections now also shows IPs.
  • /maxconnections limits the maximum number of connections allowed to the server - to prevent new players from comming.
  • Loading and saving games requires only ctrl level.
  • Action list enabling server host to ban players by IP or hostname and give certain IPs higher access level. New commands /ban, /unban, /loadactionlist, /saveactionlist, /clearactionlist.

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