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Warserver is a separate package since 0.8.0b. It is different from warclient server. Warclient and warserver have been merged later in 0.8.10a.

Released date: 15 July 2006.


  • Experimental bribing cost settings. Cost doesn't depend on player government, distance from capital or gold reserve, but depends on unit cost, veteran level, defense bonus (from terrain, fort) and fortification.
  • Players can't steal technology from allied players.
  • When conquering or stealing technology, first free technology from ruleset is stolen. If technologies in ruleset are ordered from worst to best, then worst technology is always stolen first.
  • Observer player isn't created when global observer is not allowed.
  • Ships and air units don't get defense bonus from terrain.
  • Chance of success of bribing enemy unit depends on diplchance.
  • If inciting revolt or bribing fails after defending diplomats have been killed, diplomat is caught with the gold and gold is transfered to the defending player.
  • /firstlevel command is disabled.

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