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Released date: 19 February 2008.

WHAT'S CHANGED SINCE PepClient 0.9.6Edit

  • Very big clean up in the whole code, notably in genlist, game structure and connection closing process.


  • Added the vote bar.
  • Added missing sprites for trident tileset.
  • Added "More Time!" and "Request Pause" buttons.
  • Added "All units in the same transporter" condition for delayed goto and multi-selection.
  • Improved map update system.
  • Improved automatic diplomat arrival action.
  • Re-written menus.
  • Fonts are configurable.
  • Upgraded gtk-2.0 code to use less of depreciated code.
  • Removed useless features: auto-caravans without trade planning or helping building wonders.



  • Added user ranking system and related commands and settings.
  • Improved voting system, notably thanks to the new voteinfo capability.
  • Added /mute, /unmute and /list mutes commands.
  • Added /emote and /poll commands.
  • New settings: nopubliclinks and maxconnectionsperhost.
  • Big cleanup and crash fixes for /reset and related code.
  • Fixes and cleanup for tadns and async network code.
  • Handle perfectly connections with the action list.
  • Closing connection becomes safe.
  • Detached connections cannot obtain basic access level.
  • Observer player name is disallowed.
  • More playable nations.
  • Removed /cmdlevel new|first and /firstlevel.

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