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Released date: 27 March 2008.



  • Fixed crash due to dead unit being upgraded.
  • Fixed broken short cuts F9, F10, F11 and F12.
  • Fixed bug in localhost reverse lookup bypass.
  • Fixed memory leak in real_append_output_window.
  • Fixed crash due to is_city_hilited assuming non-NULL pointer.
  • Added new options for hiding the votebar.
  • Added option to popup confirmation for adding a unit to city.
  • Implemented 2.1-style F1-F6 report shortcuts.
  • Added gui option to replace new notify tabs of the same name.
  • Added full moves and full hp unit filter.
  • Implemented a screenshot function.
  • Implemented optional chat logging.
  • Unit links are cyan.
  • Added civclient argument to disable hack request.


  • Fixed team placement for generator 7.
  • New settings: dipldefchance, spyreturnchance, diplbribechance and diplincitechance.
  • Added fcdb sub-option to control database map saving.
  • Adjusted ranking system.
  • Improved /stats and /examine behaviour.
  • Improved event messages.
  • Improved voting system.
  • Treat AIs created by civil war split more like barbarians.

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