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Terrain-change-mapo:24 Deserto:24 Tundrao:24 Plainso:24 Hillso:24 Plainso:24 Grassland, m:15 Foresto:24 Hills, m:15 Foresto:36 Swampunmodifiableo:24 Plains, m:15 Forest, i:15 Grasslando:24 Grassland, m:15 Swamp, i:15 Plainso:36 Ocean, m:15 Forest, i:15 Grassland
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TBD - I'm planning to publish/discuss some city governor settings. This might require "registered user rights" to upload screenshots or to create a template.

Note to myself, the Monobook layout (aka skin) available for registered users gets rid of Wikia oddities. Some Special:WikiFeatures need a ?useskin=oasis query parameter.

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