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O que é? Edit

Two eras

Freeciv é um jogo de estratégia por turnos e multijogador. Onde o jogador deve administrar sua nação e interagir (a sua maneira) com as outras. Terá o desafio de gerir a economia, a política externa e , principalmente, o exército.

Distribuído sob a Licença Pública Geral da GNU (GPL).


Onde está? Edit

Versão estável 2.5.9 publicada em 19th Aug 2017 :

Crystal 128 penguin Código fonte Windows logo Windows Apple logo Mac OS X

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Versão Beta 2.6.0-beta1 publicada em 16th Sep 2017 :

Crystal 128 penguin Código fonte Windows logo Windows Apple logo Mac OS X






Últimas do projetoEdit

  • 19th Aug 2017Freeciv 2.5.9 fixes a regression in 'scorelog' in the last release.
  • 12th Aug 2017Freeciv 2.5.8 is a minor bugfix release in the stable 2.5 series.
  • 16th July 2017 – The migration of project infrastructure from (which closed down on May 24) is now mostly complete. Source code is hosted on Github, bugs are tracked at Hostedredmine, and mailing lists are hosted at There are still rough edges; please bear with us.

Novidades da ComunidadeEdit

  • 2nd Feb 2013 – After ten months, the Freeciv forums are finally back. Sorry for the delay. They've been rebuilt from scratch, so you'll need to re-register. ~JTN
  • 31st Mar 2012 – Michał Zieliński has ported Freeciv 2.3 to Android! Visit or download the beta from Google Play.
  • 19th Dec 2011 – Version 2.0 of Chess, the minimalistic monochrome tileset by Xin Yu (a.k.a. Anyu), has been released. Download it today! ~Daniel Markstedt
  • 18th Nov 2011 – A new Longturn Freeciv (one turn per day) server is open for players to sign in. The game runs on Freeciv 2.3, and the player maximum has been extended to 126 players. Usually we play with 20-30 players ~Marduk

Community & GamingEdit

Creative ContentsEdit


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