Things to do before 2.1 can be released.

  1. Save script variables in savegame. [done, other script bugs still though]
  2. Finish team/player setup in pregame. Notably lacks support for observers. [added] (jdorje)
  3. Add the new tileset. [added, but still being worked on]
  4. Fix ranking. [irrelevant since Pubserver is down (?)]
  5. Improve voting. [good enough for a 2.1 release now?]
  6. Fix helptexts (see 10775, 11051, 15189). [first two resolved] (jdorje)
  7. Update .desktop file for client; make .desktop file for server (need a pixmap for server also). (Evyscr)
  8. Distribute FAQ file made from wiki page. (Evyscr)

Also see RT meta-ticket for this release.

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