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  • May be disbanded in a city to recover 50% of the production cost.
  • May fortify, granting a 50% defensive bonus.
  • May pillage to destroy infrastructure from tiles.
  • Can perform diplomatic actions, plus special spy abilities.
  • Ignores zones of control.
  • A non-military unit (cannot attack; no martial law).
  • May become veteran through training or combat.

A Spy is a full time professional and as such is much more skilled in the arts of espionage than her Diplomat predecessor.

The most inoffensive skills in a Spy's repertoire are her ability to investigate cities - revealing detailed information, and the establishment of embassies. However, if your Spy has gained herself a reputation for clandestine behaviour she will be executed if she tries to establish an embassy.

She can also be used to: poison the water supply of an enemy city (reducing the population); steal specific technology; and sabotage predetermined city targets (note: sabotaging improvements in a capital or sabotaging City Walls increases the risks of capture). A Spy can also infiltrate a city and incite a revolt.

A Spy can also be of aid on the battlefield - sabotaging enemy units as well as bribing them to change allegiance.

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