Format description of the scorelog format version 2Edit

Empty lines and lines starting with '#' are comments. Each non-comment line starts with a command. The parameter are supplied on that line and are seperated by a space. Strings which may contain whitespaces are always the last parameter and so extend till the end of line.

The following commands exists:

 id <game-id>
   <game-id> is a string without whitespaces which is used
             to match a scorelog against a savegame.
 tag <tag-id> <descr>
   add a data-type (tag)
     the <tag-id> is used in the 'data' commands
     <descr> is a string without whitespaces which 
             identified this tag
 turn <turn> <number> <descr>
   adds information about the <turn> turn
     <number> can be for example year
     <descr> may contain whitespaces
 addplayer <turn> <player-id> <name>
   adds a player starting at the given turn (inclusive)
     <player-id> is a number which can be reused
     <name> may contain whitespaces
 delplayer <turn> <player-id>
   removes a player from the game. The player was 
     active till the given turn (inclusive)
     <player-id> used by the creation
 data <turn> <tag-id> <player-id> <value>
   give the value of the given tag for the given 
   player for the given turn.

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