The score of a nation gives a good measure of how large and advanced a civilization is. In some games when 2000 CE is reached, the game stops and the nation with the highest score wins.

To calculate the score add the following:

  • number of citizens (add all city sizes)
  • number of techs * 2
  • number of future techs * 5 (future techs are the techs after fusion power and stealth)
  • number of wonders * 5
  • spaceship score

Spaceship score is calculated the following way:

  • 100 points for every 10.000 citizens on the spaceship
  • multiply by success rate

Simple exampleEdit

  • 5 cities of 4 = 20
  • 7 techs = 14
  • no future techs = 0
  • 1 wonder = 5
  • no spaceship = 0

total civscore is 39



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