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Scenarios are in essence saved games. Some accompany the standard download (accessed by "Start Scenario Game") but you can create your own.

Creating scenariosEdit

To convert a saved game to a scenario, move it from the local (per user) .freeciv/saves folder to .freeciv/x.y/scenarios or to the global (all users) data/scenario folder, and add a section [scenario] at the top of the file. For example:

name=_("Aegean Sea (classic/giant)")
description=_("Classic-style 350x350 map of the Aegean Sea.")

Start scenarios Edit

For the tutorial and similar scenarios, where a map should be generated, remove all map data in the [map] section:




Maybe add code to the [script] section, for examples see data/scenario/tutorial.sav.gz, data/default/script.lua, and data/default/default.lua.

There are many differences between version 2.3 and older scenario formats, but as long as older scenarios can be loaded, they can be also saved in newer formats.


  • The topology used to be an index from 0 to 15, but it is now a set with up to four elements WRAPX, WRAPY, ISO, HEX; both forms correspond to the same four bits.
  • The server_state of a not yet started game (as in the tutorial) used to be 0, this is now S_S_INITIAL.

Set this initial state with an empty id and an empty server_id for start scenarios without map. You can create various start scenarios overwriting the default number of players, the default AI skill_level, and other default settings.

Using a map Edit

Typically you would use the "editing mode" in a started game to design a map, and "save scenario" to save your work.

Obviously this section is incomplete, please add what you know.

Standard scenariosEdit

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Click "Start Scenario Game" (at least in 2.3.5 and 2.5.0) and you get the following list:

Some of the normal game options are not available, but many options remain, e.g. AI difficulty level, saved-file name, initial units (with some apparent limitation), distance between cities, tech and production and food multipliers, interval between autosaves, allowance of space race.

"Animated" Scenarios Edit

Animated Scenarios are special maps with nations, leaders, cities, units, infrastructure, technology and diplomacy already in place.

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