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Team Freeciv - The original authorsEdit

Peter J. Unold's Homepage
Claus Leth Gregersen's Homepage
Allan Ove Kjeldbjerg's Homepage

The commercial Civilization gamesEdit

Civilization Call To Power was the link but game seems to be off their list
Civilization IV
The Board Game - see also the Wargamer and PC Gameworld articles

Civilization variantsEdit

Currently accessibleEdit

CIV evolution, later called "C-evo" - alive and well in 2011 - see also many pages on the Civilization Wiki
CivQuest - latest "News" and download info as at July 2011 are "March 11th 2005, 0.0.13 released" and "Download civquest-0.0.22.jar (1.9 MB)"

Apparently unavailableEdit

The Ages Of Man - "The webpage "" cannot be found"
Project Civ-Like - in French; seemingly dormant since early 2001
Civtarion - A user name and password are being requested by The site says
"DSL Router"
The Clash of Civilizations - Apolyton site seems not to have that page in July 2011 - archive with last message in 2002 - forum with messages up to December 2009 but nobody continuing development
Great Nations (Domain Expired...)

Civilization interest sitesEdit

Apolyton Civilization Site
Civilization Fanatics' Center
Civilization Anonymous
Civilization Wikia

Other linksEdit

Wikipedia on Freeciv
Freeciv fan site from Germany, home of the Freeciv clan V.O.L.T.
a (Free)civ site with special attention to Polish players
map2xpm and Mare Infinitus modpack
Our Freeciv timeline
Freeciv Stuff
Azazel's Freeciv page
Libor Behounek's Freeciv site (containing lots of maps)
Xconq - has a Civ mode (see also Erik Sigra's comparison between Xconq and Freeciv)
A news site about Freeciv in Italian
Freeciv on OSDN (Sourceforge, Freshmeat, Slashdot, etc.)
Freeciv in the Open Directory
Freeciv on
Freeciv on
Recent Web links to Freeciv (Google)
Recent USENET mentions of Freeciv (Google)
Freeciv 2.0.0.beta4 Windows build with Gtk+2 client
FreeCiv 2.0.0-beta7 GNU/Linux OBLISK package (should install on most major distros with glibc >= 2.3)
Freeciv on The Linux Game Tome
Freeciv on
CivSpanish, fansite in spanish
  • There are also some Freeciv-related projects on Freshmeat.
  • follows Freeciv-related developments, too.

Other GamesEdit

Project Description Needs Help Homepage E-mail
CivQuestAlpha of a free Civ-like game written in Java, many features remain to be addedYes!
Conquest of TimeCivilization + Empire clone (Java)NoConquest of
FreeCNCFree Command & ConquerNoFreeCNC
FreeColColonization clone under active development since 2003YesFreeColdevelopers AT
FreeRailsA Free Railroad Tycoon (possibly inactive since 2006)YesFreeRails
OpenTTDTransport Tycoon clone YesOpenTTD

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