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This page contains outdated information and needs to be updated. Refer to the English language page.

Você sabia que você pode jogar Freeciv em mais de 30 línguas diferentes? Nós contamos com a ajuda de voluntários para traduzir as palavras e frases principais, e, assim, podermos disponibilizar outras línguas. Você poderia ajudar com alguma tradução?

Detalhes técnicosEdit

Freeciv usa o sistema gettext para suportar a internacionalização e a localização. Para mais detalhes sobre este sistema, veja:

Veja Localização para saber como acrescentar ou modificar uma tradução, Internacionalização para ver os detalhes técnicos das traduções do Freeciv, e how to create a localized wiki se você quer traduzir este site para sua língua.

For returning (and new) translators: read our guide on how to access the SVN tree.

Supported LocalesEdit

ar Primary Contact:
Arabic Ahmad M. Zawawi <zeus_go64 AT>
ca Primary Contact:
Catalan David Gaya <david.gaya AT>, Joan Creus <joan.creus AT>
cs Primary Contact:
Czech Dusan Hokuv <dusan AT>
da Primary Contact:
Danish Keld Jørn Simonsen <keld AT>
de Primary Contact:
German Christian Knoke <chrisk AT>
Language Team:
< AT> (You need to subscribe at first)
el Primary Contact:
Greek Prekates Alexandros <chomwitt AT>
en_GB Primary Contact:
English (British) James Hemming <jkhemming AT>
es Primary Contact:
Spanish Claudio M. Camacho <claudiomkd AT>
et Primary Contact:
Estonian Elmo Todurov <todurov AT>
fa Primary Contact:
Persian Arman Ordookhani <arman_o71 AT>
fi Primary Contact:
Finnish Sini Ruohomaa <sini.ruohomaa AT>
fr Primary Contact:
French Frédéric Rodrigo <f.rodrigo AT>
Language Team:
<freeciv-l10n-fr AT>
he Primary Contact:
Hebrew Position vacant — let us know if you are interested in taking over!
hu Primary Contact:
Hungarian Dániel Tar <bdanee AT>
it Primary Contact:
Italian Davide Pagnin <nightmare AT>
ja Primary Contact:
Japanese MITA Yuusuke <clefs AT>
ko Primary Contact:
Korean R. Daniel Markstedt <himasaram AT>
lt Primary Contact:
Lithuanian Mindaugas Šukys <ateivis AT gmail DOT com>, Andrius Štikonas <stikonas AT gmail DOT com>
nl Primary Contact:
Dutch Jelle Pelfrene <jelle.pelfrene AT>
no Primary Contact:
Norwegian Position vacant — let us know if you are interested in taking over!
pl Primary Contact:
Polish Mateusz Stefek <matusik_s AT>
pt Primary Contact:
Portuguese Duarte Loreto <happyguy_pt AT>
pt_BR Primary Contact:
Portuguese (Brazilian) Jose Carlos Medeiros <jose AT>
ro Primary Contact:
Romanian Stan Ioan-Eugen <stan.ieugen AT>
ru Primary Contact:
Russian Egor Vyscrebentsov <evyscr AT>
Language Team:
< AT> (You need to subscribe at first)
sv Primary Contact:
Swedish Erik Sigra <freeciv AT>
Language Team:
< AT> (You need to subscribe at first)
tr Primary Contact:
Turkish Uğur Çetin <jnmbk AT>, Roman Neumüller <email AT>
uk Primary Contact:
Ukrainian Daniil Ivanov <daniil.ivanov AT>
zh_CN Primary Contact:
Chinese (Simplified) Hongjia Cao <hjcao AT>

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