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If you have a Freeciv related project and want others to help or just know what you're doing, add it to this section.


Project Description Needs Help Homepage Activity
Crosser dll stack builder Windows build environment Windows testing 2008
Minimal stub ruleset Various rulesets by Cazfi  ?? 2008
Freeciv Web Client webservice using civclient Forum 2014
NExtended forum thread Modpack  ?? freeciv-mod blog 2013
Attitude AI forum thread AI-module C skills github i1abnrk/fc_attitudeai 2014

There are some outdated projects and ports. However, they might be useful for somebody.

More ideasEdit

There are more projects at the Coding page and the Help Wanted and Contribution forums. See also Art for graphics-related projects.

Other places to find more or less active current or historic Freeciv projects include the Gna! freeciv downloads area, Cazfi's freeciv pages, the modpack repository, and the related links page.

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