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If you have a Freeciv related project and want others to help or just know what you're doing, add it to this section.


Project Description Needs Help Homepage E-mail
WarclientUnofficial 2.0.x client/
CivworldA map editor
rndCivCreate random
Buckyball Spherical map for Freeciv  ?? Buckyball
Advanced Governments New goverment system  ?? Advanced Governments
Effects Additional effects in game  ?? Effects
AI AI improvements  ?? AI
Themes Improving the look of Freeciv Yes Themes
FGS A server to share scores Yes Free Gaming System
GGZ Gaming Zone Online gaming zone No GGZ
Advanced Diplomacy A new evolved diplomatic system Yes (to come)

More ideasEdit

There are more projects at Coding page and at Help Wanted and Contribution forums. See also Art for graphics-related projects.

Outdated projectsEdit

There are some outdated projects and ports. However, they might be useful for somebody.

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