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WARNING: This is a tentative list, by no means exhaustive. See the full ChangeLog contained with the source for a comprehensive list of all changes.

Download links for the latest release can be found on the download page.


Since RC1 there have been some bugfixes and improvements:

  • When autosettlers were considering improving terrain, their thoughts could accidentally be sent to the client, so the client would display tiles with the wrong terrain temporarily. GNA#23286
  • Various bugfixes to the Qt client:
    • Changing ruleset caused the Qt client to crash. GNA#23322
    • Changing tileset could cause the Qt client to crash and other misbehavior. GNA#23326 GNA#23327
    • Fix some black-text-on-black-background tooltips. GNA#23325
    • Avoid scrollbars in the city production popup on Windows. GNA#23032
  • Clients failed to display unit nationality. GNA#23311
  • Fix a remaining crash in the Gtk2 client if the tileset is changed with the science dialog open. GNA#22625
  • An empty 'startunits' setting will now be rejected rather than causing a crash. GNA#23346
  • The Austrian nation was not being localized. GNA#23309
  • Updated Trident tileset with support for new game elements: lake, maglev, unit upkeep >2, unit activity icons, plus extras for modpacks (outpost, airstrip, aluminum, uranium, saltpeter, elephant). GNAPATCH#5856 GNAPATCH#5877
  • Fix minor misalignment of some city food/production/trade numbers in many supplied tilesets. GNA#23332
  • Other very minor tweaks to Cimpletoon and Amplio2 graphics. GNAPATCH#5855
  • Correct comment about gnuwin package used for Windows builds to match actual RC1 build. GNATASK#7887
  • Minor update to README.ruleset_civ2civ3 description of defense bonuses. GNAPATCH#5860
  • Invisible changes to assist localization. GNAPATCH#5854
  • Updated translations: Catalan (complete), Finnish (95.6% core, 87% nations).

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