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WARNING: This is a tentative list, by no means exhaustive. See the full ChangeLog contained with the source for a comprehensive list of all changes.

WHAT'S CHANGED SINCE 2.2.0-beta1Edit

  • Fixed trireme movement restrictions with ruleset civ1 & civ2. GNA#14939
  • Fixed typo in chat link help text. GNA#14898
  • Made sure that transporter status is updated when cargo is removed in any way. GNA#13912
  • Estimate where a 'ghost' city could be located when clicking on a city link. GNA#14903
  • Fixed the effects of Police Station and Women's Suffrage. GNA#14942
  • A number of improvements to help texts for units and combat. GNAPATCH#1390
  • Made the victim of an a-bomb explosion dislike the owner of the a-bomb to a greater degree. GNA#14888
  • Fixed a crash at start-up by removing a superfluous assertion. GNA#14945
  • Fixed city tile info popup in GTK2 client: long strings will be wrapped. GNA#14933
  • Removed hard-coded maximum ruleset items for government types, nations, and city styles. GNA#14976
  • Made server message links to vanquished cities and units point to the right tile. GNA#14454
  • New Mongolian leader list. GNAPATCH#1393
  • Updated Spanish localization.

See NEWS for older lists of changes.

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