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WARNING: This is a tentative list, by no means exhaustive. See the full ChangeLog contained with the source for a comprehensive list of all changes.


  • Fixed crash due to gcc 4.x optimization bug. (#40610)
  • Fixed island generator rivers and double-continent bug. (#15947, #17435)
  • Fixed auto-explore not respecting borders. (#40570)
  • Fixed stack teleporting exploit. (#40658)
  • Fixed crash when doing irrigation-connect on a mine. (#40676)
  • Fixed update bug for the city report total buy cost label. (#40695)
  • Fixed memory leak in server scan code. (#40707)
  • Fixed data type conversion bug affecting unit power factor. (#40746)
  • Fixed many typos and style errors in translated messages. (#40688, #40686, #40685, #40684, #40699, #40687, #40689, #40691, #40693, #40694, #40725)
  • Changed the save file name format to <savename>-T<turn>-Y<year>.sav. (#40681)
  • Changed the selection rectangle drawing method to speed up map drawing. (#40646)
  • Changed the city report concise rapture symbols back to * and X. (#40700)
  • Changed mass unit selection to include units with order or units under AI control. (#40727)
  • Changed the default metaserver for both client and server to the one at (#40752)
  • Improved gtk widget layout so that the Freeciv window can fit on a 800x600 display. (#12825)
  • Improved map decoration drawing (popup info, goto lines, city high-lighting) for speed and memory efficiency. (#40717)
  • Improved mass unit selection: j selects a single unit, k selects tile units, y selects continent units. (#40727)
  • Improved automatic chatline scrolling. (#40721)
  • Added option to disable mouse cursor changing. (#40678)
  • Added option to draw traderoute lines with toggle shortcut Ctrl+t. (#40668)
  • Added option to prefix client chat messages with the current time. (#40706)
  • Added option to preferentially select cities over units with the selection rectangle. (#40703)
  • Added option to show production buy cost in the city descriptions. (#40702)
  • Added option to not clear unit orders when units are selected. (#40724)
  • Added option to split the lower chatline area in to two notebooks, with the message window appearing in the right notebook. (#40705)
  • Added option to disable the automatic caravan arrival popup. (#40730)
  • Added client shortcut b for buying production in selected cities. (#40704)
  • Added a list view in the network page showing current players on a server. (#40707)
  • Added client ability to center on an event tile by right-clicking on a row in the message window. (#40719)
  • Added client ability to reorder city report columns by dragging the column headers in the gtk2 client. (#40680)
  • Added worklist manipulation operations to the city report menus. (#40723, #40728, #40729)
  • Added multiplayer allies-only chat toggle button. (#40487)
  • Added more information to map popup info window. (#40488)
  • Added a toplevel menu item for the Governor menu in the city report. (#40677)
  • Added city production clipboard shortcuts Shift+right-click to copy and Ctrl+Shift+right-click to paste. (#40679)
  • Updated Finnish, Catalan, Estonian, Danish, Lithuanian, German, Korean, and Swedish translations.

See NEWS for older lists of changes.

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