WARNING: This is a tentative list, by no means exhaustive. See the full ChangeLog in the source for a comprehensive list of all changes.


  • Updates to bootstrap. (PR#40268, PR#40275, PR#40287, PR#40301, PR#40345, PR#40391, PR#40416)
  • Fixed compile warnings. (PR#40265, PR#40281, PR#40366)
  • Fixed bug that AI tried to get unreachable techs from treaty. (PR#38372)
  • Made only human players count toward minplayers. (PR#40206)
  • Set minimum number of human players to 0. (PR#40288)
  • Use Mysql port information from authentication config file. (PR#40293)
  • Refresh cities after shared vision gained from another player. (PR#40262)
  • Make message about paratrooper dying on paradrop more likely to appear to user. (PR#40295)
  • Handle empty http_proxy environment variable correctly. (PR#16526)
  • Fixed global observer crash in GTK2 connection dialog. (PR#40303)
  • Fixed lables and sensitivity of button in GTK2 connection dialog. (PR#40234)
  • Fixed the "non-blocking socket operation could not be completed immediately" bug. (PR#40297)
  • Fixed crash when continents are renumbered. (PR#39472)
  • Go straight to the network page when autoconnecting to a server that needs a password. (PR#38354)
  • Don't reset the wrong player name when a player is /cut in pregame. (PR#39503)
  • Show total buy cost for selected cities in the city report. (PR#40291)
  • Fixed visual corruption in flag images. (PR#40246)
  • Separated mandatory and optional capabilities in the capstring for GGZ. (PR#40308)
  • Fixed printing of obsolete wonders. (PR#39982)
  • Fixed bug that prevented building Hydro Plant in city placed on one tile river. (PR#40347)
  • Fixed GGZ handlers for error and spectator events. (PR#40357)
  • Disabled hack challenge when in GGZ mode. (PR#40311)
  • Improved memory handling in warmap queue. (PR#40352)
  • Do not mark buildings redundant when they allow building of unit. (PR#40359)
  • Fixed crash when loading saved game when tech leakage is enabled. (PR#40027)
  • Fixed potential problems when city starves. (PR#40367)
  • Made the internal server store savegames in the user's home directory on Windows. (PR#40341)
  • Fixed city report size calculations. (PR#40328)
  • Added ggz-style savegame support. (PR#40317)
  • Fixed crash in the SDL worklist dialog. (PR#40378)
  • Fixed /take assert when all player slots are in use. (PR#40354)
  • Fixed error message about illegal auth port parameter. (PR#40385)
  • Fixed client crash in the end of turn in altering movement mode. (PR#40384)
  • Fixed changing of specialists at resolutions higher than 640x480 in SDL client. (PR#40387)
  • Fixed bug causing false tax rate exceeded messages. (PR#40389)
  • Already built great wonders show "never" instead of "1" for turns-to-build. (PR#40382)
  • Added Esperanto translation.

See NEWS for older lists of changes.

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