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WARNING: This is a tentative list, by no means exhaustive. See the full ChangeLog contained with the source for a comprehensive list of all changes.


  • Added commandline parameter to set hostname visible on metaserver. PR#40755
  • Restored as default metaserver. GNA#13407
  • Record players total score to civscore.log. GNA#13403
  • Put spaceship state to civscore.log instead of score given by spaceship. GNA#13402
  • Write civscore.log in the beginning of the turn, immediately after values are calculated. Write also final values when game ends. GNA#13419
  • Show correct Requirement and Obsolete by tech for wonders in win32-client help browser. PR#40765
  • Fixed sdl-mixer support. GNA#13444, GNA#14751
  • Improved access levels ported from Warclient. GNA#13433
  • Fixed a bug that even if wonder set as improvement requirement for unit was built, unit was not buildable. PR#39530
  • Fix lost hack access in single player mode. GNA#13494
  • Fix bug causing wrong player nation select. PR#40773
  • Added proper error message to case where user tries to add Settlers to city owned by ally. GNA#13539
  • Avoid crash due to corrupted worked field. GNA#13498
  • Improved voting code ported from Warclient. GNA#13515
  • Make GTK2 client more small-screen friendly. GNA#13524, GNA#13525, GNA#14100
  • Fixed Hydro Plant help text. PR#40805
  • Added ruleset loading time check that MAX_NUM_REQS is not exceeded. GNA#13600
  • Fixed help browser crash when ruleset has fuel using unit for which there is no suitable carrier unit. GNA#13649
  • Show ping of actual player connection instead of player's first connection, which may be observer. GNA#13725
  • Fix bug in tech score when player has no techs. GNA#13733
  • Hide production part of full citybar from enemy cities for player observers. It used to show all enemy cities always building "Airport". GNA#13723
  • Added support for units taller than 1.5 x terrain tile height in isometric tilesets. GNA#13671
  • Backport of improved goto code from trunk. GNA#13736, GNA#13742, PR#40536, PR#40563
  • Fixed creation of GGZ page. GNA#13791
  • AI does not ask for help against players not met. GNA#13559, PR#39700
  • Display flags at start page player list. GNA#13726
  • Changed ggz profile to point to instead of non-functional pubserver. PR#39923
  • Fixed partisan appearance to require Guerilla Warfare to be known by someone. GNA#13944
  • Fixed a crash when lua script triggered by "tech_researched" gives another technology to player. GNA#13819
  • Fixed a crash when unload all command is issued to multiple units. GNA#14031
  • Fixed a team play crash when ruleset defines global init techs. PR#20855
  • Leave no units to current tile when bouncing them. GNA#14078
  • Fixed a crash when several members of the same team have same initial tech. GNA#14259
  • Fixed /cmdlevel bugs. GNA#14237
  • Prevented /rulesetdir after savegame of already running game has been loaded. GNA#14230
  • Don't navigate through unaccessible territorial waters. GNA#13928
  • Use amplio electric ages sprites for cities. Use modern style as alternative for other tilesets. GNA#14376
  • Added /cancelvote command, ported from Warclient. GNAPATCH#1292
  • Make notify.all and notify.player working in lua scripts. GNA#14221
  • The loss of the last human player doesn't transform the game into an autogame, causing the clients freezing. GNA#14036
  • Sharing vision when the fog of war is disabled don't let black square over vision giver units. GNA#14275
  • Disallow embassy creation if Marco Polo's Embassy is built. GNA#14448, GNA#14548
  • Do not bounce units on empty enemy cities on terrain changes. GNA#14532
  • Consider that AI explorers moved when they changed tile instead of if their moves decreased (could be wrong on railroads for example). GNA#14533
  • Loading a scenario begins at turn 0 and not -2. GNA#14658
  • Display trade route lines at map and infos in city dialog even if the trade route doesn't give trade bonus. GNA#14745
  • Added support for Haiku OS. GNA#14715
  • Fixed clicking of technologies on research report. GNA#14812
  • Updated translations: ca.po da.po de.po es.po fi.po

See NEWS for older lists of changes.

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