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WARNING: This is a tentative list, by no means exhaustive. See the full ChangeLog contained with the source for a comprehensive list of all changes.

Second beta release of Freeciv 2.1.0Edit

13 Aug 2006
The second beta for the 2.1 series of Freeciv has been released. This is a beta version, so it is expected to contain bugs; report them to Download the source code here
Packages for Windows available for download from
Package for Mac OS X Tiger (PowerPC) is available for download from


  1. The Windows packages do not contain a Trojan horse. Your virus checker is wrong about this.
  2. The SDL client needs an interface theme available separately. The reason for this is that it contains potentially non-free graphics.
  3. The Mac OS X package includes the "normal" size of the Freeland 2.0.0 tile set.

The Freeciv Maintainers

What's changed since 2.0.8Edit

For a tentative feature list in Freeciv 2.1, please see the NEWS-2.1.0 page.

What's changed since 2.1.0-beta1Edit

Major bugsEdit

  • Fix a client crash in the /load command.
  • Fix a cursors crash in the GTK code.
  • Fixed science dialog crash when building tag is missing.
  • Fix crash if unit moves over unowned fortress
  • Fix some crashes in the help dialog.
  • Fix crash in lua create unit script.
  • Fix ai_choose_help_wonder() crash when Trade is not yet known.
  • Fix a crash bug that occurs after an AI has researched all techs and wants to research Future Tech 1.
  • Fix possible crashes in network code.
  • Fix security problem in attributes code.


  • Make it possible to run diplomacy between players in long-turn games by allowing diplomacy dialogs to stay open with players who are not connected and players who disconnect. team research was made mandatory for teams.
  • The 'pick nation' button becomes 'create player' button when client connection is detached from any player. Observe button is a toggle on/off, except if client connections has taken a player, then it becomes a 'release player' button.
  • Add buttons for diplomacy operations to the players dialog.
  • Make diplcost setting affect money transfer between players.
  • Don't give air and sea units terrain defense bonuses.
  • Helicopters don't lose hitpoints when transported on a carrier.
  • Add some extra checks to prevent placement of starting positions on the poles.


  • New intro splash.
  • New standardized program icons.
  • "Leader" unit sprite.
  • Many improved national flags.


  • New localizations: Arabic (ar), Persian (fa), and Chinese (zh_CN).
  • Heavy updates to many other localizations.
  • Numerous fixes to translated text strings.
  • Make a large number of strings translatable.

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