WARNING: This is a tentative list, by no means exhaustive. See the ChangeLog in the source for more information.


  • Fix some memory leaks.
  • Fix some bugs with uploading of CMA parameter data.
  • Upload CMA parameter data when the user disconnects mid-turn.
  • Include despotism penalty in the middle-mouse tile popup.
  • Fix the attack/defend changes in the middle-mouse tile popup.
  • Correctly show veteran status in the middle-mouse tile popup.
  • Don't allow recursive transporting even if the ruleset allows it.
  • Fix bugs with use of the techlevel setting and teams.
  • Fix some situations where changing tech targets could erronously cause bulbs to be lost.
  • Work around some bugs with desynchronized team research.
  • Remove some duplicate/unnecessary messages.
  • Fix a possible crash with the debug command.
  • In the GTK-2 client, show the LAN tab by default (rather than the metaserver tab).
  • In the win32 client, fix some untranslated strings.
  • Add a leader unit to the ruleset (for use with the startunits setting).

See NEWS for older lists of changes.

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