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WARNING: This is a tentative list, by no means exhaustive. See the ChangeLog file contained with the source for more information.


  • Fix some buffer underruns on the terrain array (this bug could have been the cause of arbitrary crashes on some platforms).
  • Don't automatically pop up the city dialog when in observer mode.
  • Treat an alt-left click the same as a middle click, to allow two-button mice to work on windows (GTK-2 client).
  • Fix a bug - when a city was transferred/conquered twice the client sometimes wouldn't get an update about the second exchange.
  • Fix the behavior of Granary and Pyramids in the Civ2 compatibility ruleset.
  • Fix Pyramids so they are no longer cumulative with Granary.
  • Fix a minor bug that prevented 2.0 savegames from working properly with 1.14 Freeciv.

See NEWS, NEWS-2.0.0, NEWS-2.0.1, NEWS-2.0.2, and NEWS-2.0.3 for older lists of changes.

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