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WARNING: This is a tentative list, by no means exhaustive. See the ChangeLog file contained with the source for more information.


  • Fix an AI bug causing the AI to miscalculate the value of some wonders and buildings.
  • Fix a client crash where unloading a transporter could focus another player's unit.
  • Fix several bugs with updating of menus and dialogs when (un)loading units.
  • Fix a CMA update bug when loading saved games.
  • Fix some bugs in the science dialog in the Win32 client.
  • Add a new server setting for multiplayer: timeaddenemymove.
  • Update to europe (200x100) scenario.
  • Don't let player change research without penalty just because they found a new tech.
  • Fix a major bug when changing research target in team games.
  • Remove the near-empty Ecology server setting category.
  • Don't crash if a detached player does /away.
  • Change /start from a vote into a special-case poll. Once all players have run /start the game will start. Running /list will show which players are ready.
  • Clear unit orders (client-side goto) when a unit moves outside of the orders (units on transporters/airlifts).
  • Don't let patrols do more than one loop per turn (previously a patrol on railroad could run forever).
  • Fix a bug in river generation that caused too few rivers to form.
  • Better logging of ruleset errors.

See NEWS-2.0.0 and NEWS-2.0.1 for changes between 1.14 and 2.0.1.

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