This stub was initialized with …/doc/README.msys2, please fix it as you see fit, e.g., explain what it actually does for the purposes of Freeciv for folks who have git and MinGW-w64 without Gtk.

 MSYS2 Windows Installer build notes

This document is about building Freeciv Windows Installer packages
using MSYS2 from


- Buildable clients are gtk3, gtk3.22, sdl2, and Qt


 This chapter is about creating new msys2 build environment.

 If you want to reproduce more official freeciv builds, the environment
 used to make those builds is documented in the next chapter ("Premade environment"),
 with listing of versions current at the time of this freeciv version.

1) Install MSYS2 following the documentation on their homepage

1.1) Download
 for win32 host or
 for win64 host

1.2) Run it to install MSYS2 on build system

1.3) Launch msys2_shell to update packages
> pacman -Syu

2) Install following packages with 'pacman -Su'

2.1) Packages needed for building freeciv
 These packages are needed even if you don't plan to make installer,
 but only build freeciv for local use.

2.1.1) Arch independent packages needed for building freeciv Arch independent packages always needed for building freeciv
 With these packages it's possible to build freeciv source tree that
 has already such generated files present that are created for the
 release tarball.

 - make
 - gettext
 - pkg-config Arch independent packages needed for getting and extracting freeciv
 source tarball

 - tar Arch independent packages needed for building freeciv from repository
 checkout. These are needed in addition to the ones always needed for building

 - git
 - automake
 - libtool
 - autoconf
 - python

2.1.2) Arch-specific packages needed for building freeciv Arch-specific packages for building common parts
 - mingw-w64-i686-gcc / mingw-w64-x86_64-gcc
 - mingw-w64-i686-icu / mingw-w64-x86_64-icu
 - mingw-w64-i686-curl / mingw-w64-x86_64-curl
 - mingw-w64-i686-bzip2 / mingw-w64-x64_64-bzip2
 - mingw-w64-i686-readline / mingw-w64-x86_64-readline
 - mingw-w64-i686-imagemagick / mingw-w64-x86_64-imagemagick
 - mingw-w64-i686-SDL2_mixer / mingw-w64-x86_64-SDL2_mixer Arch-specific optional packages for building common parts
 - mingw-w64-i686-drmingw / mingw-w64-x86_64-drmingw Arch-specific packages for building gtk3-client
 - mingw-w64-i686-gtk3 / mingw-w64-x86_64-gtk3 Arch-specific packages for buildind Qt-client and/or Ruledit
 - mingw-w64-i686-qt5 / mingw-w64-x86_64-qt5 Arch-specific packages for building sdl2-client
 - mingw-w64-i686-SDL2_image / mingw-w64-x86_64-SDL2_image
 - mingw-w64-i686-SDL2_ttf / mingw-w64-x86_64-SDL2_ttf
 - mingw-w64-i686-SDL2_gfx / mingw-w64-x86_64-SDL2_gfx

2.2) Packages needed for building installer package
 These are needed in addition to above ones used in the
 building step already.

2.2.1) Arch-specific packages needed for building installer

 - mingw-w64-i686-nsis / mingw-w64-x86_64-nsis

 Premade environment

Premade msys2 environment is available for download from

Current version is

win64 host:
msys2-freeciv-win64-170714.7z, based on
with packages updated to 14-Jul-2017 level.

Both win32 and win64 targets are included. For each package listed below with <arch>
in the name, actually two packages is installed; one with a name where <arch> is
replaced by 'i686' and one where <arch> is replaced by 'x86_64'

Following packages have been installed:
- make
- pkg-config
- tar
- git
- patch
- nano
- automake
- libtool
- autoconf
- python
- gdb
- mingw-w64-<arch>-gcc
- mingw-w64-<arch>-icu
- mingw-w64-<arch>-curl
- mingw-w64-<arch>-sqlite3
- mingw-w64-<arch>-gtk3
- mingw-w64-<arch>-nsis
- mingw-w64-<arch>-bzip2
- mingw-w64-<arch>-readline
- mingw-w64-<arch>-SDL2_mixer
- mingw-w64-<arch>-SDL2_image
- mingw-w64-<arch>-SDL2_ttf
- mingw-w64-<arch>-SDL2_gfx
- mingw-w64-<arch>-imagemagick
- mingw-w64-<arch>-qt5
- mingw-w64-<arch>-drmingw


Launch msys2 shell. Get the freeciv sources there
somehow. Some options are:
1) Download freeciv tarball within msys2 shell with wget
2) Use git within msys2 shell to get them from version control
3) Copy them from Windows folder where they are to a directory that
   is within msys2

> cd windows/installer_msys2
> make <targets>

  Target can be:
  - "<gui>-installer", where <gui> is
     - gtk3
     - gtk3.22
     - sdl2
     - qt
  - "ruledit-installer"
  - "snapshot", if your freeciv sources are in git checkout directory

 You can also set minimum Windows version targeted. While setting this
 to an older version allows those Windows versions to run the created
 executables, it may come with the cost of disabling functionality that
 newer Windows versions could otherwise have.
 The version is set via MIN_WIN_VER variable. For values to use, see
 list in:
 Current default is 0x0601 (Windows 7).

 It's possible to set number of make jobs used in the build by
 setting suitable make parameter to MAKE_PARAMS variable, e,g,


- Freeciv linked against readline in msys2 does not work.
  Configure freeciv with --without-readline


- Readline support

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