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This is a list of known bugs in the latest stable release, 2.5.4.

This lists only the most obvious bugs. If you find a bug in the latest version of Freeciv and it is not listed here, please look for it in our bug tracking system; if it is a new bug, you can report it there. The system also contains information regarding previously fixed bugs.

The number appended to each bug is its Gna bug number.

  • The server may randomly give up and terminate when failing to allocate starting positions for a new game. Try reducing the number of players or increase the map size. GNA#14775
  • Your City Governor settings are only sent to the server when you press turn done or quit your client, and therefore changes you make to the Governor in the same turn as a manual game save will be lost. GNA#18850
  • Aircraft will do kamikaze attacks against enemy units if the autoattack option is set. GNA#16164
  • Focus on active unit is sometimes lost during automove and you have to manually press c to center on it. GNA#14534
  • GTK2 client: Tabs turned to pop-ups by double-clicking them can't be restored to tabs. You have to close and reopen them. GNA#16528
  • SDL and xaw clients are lacking some features.
  • GTK clients 2.3.x and 2.4.x are not more supposed to work for Windows versions older than XP SP3.
  • The "Meet Player" function doesn't work occasionally.

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