This is a list of the default keyboard shortcuts used by the Freeciv client.

Shortcuts By FunctionEdit

Alphabetical list of client functions and their associated shortcuts. Currently only reflects those shortcuts already available by GTK2 Client (S2_2).

Cities F4
Demographics F12
Economy F5
Map View F1
Messages F11
Nations F3
Research F6
Spaceship F12
Top Five Cities F8
Units F2
Wonders of the World F7
Close Dialog / Abort escape
Edit Worklists ctrl-l
Editor Mode ctrl-e
Find City ctrl-f
Game Menu F10
Quit Game ctrl-q
Reload Tileset ctrl-alt-r
Revolution shift-r
Save Game ctrl-s
Tax Rates shift-t
Toggle Fog of War (in Editor Mode) ctrl-f
Turn Done shift-return
Unit Commands
Auto Explore x
Auto Settler a
Build Airport e
Build City b
Build Fortress f
Build Irrigation i
Build Mine m
Build Roads/Rails r
Change Forest to Plains i
Change Forest to Swamp m
Change Jungle to Forest m
Change Jungle to Grassland i
Clean Nuclear Fallout n
Clean Pollution p
Connect Rail shift-l
Connect Road shift-r
Connect Irrigation shift-i
Diplomat/Spy Actions d
Disband Unit shift-d
Done space
Explode Nuke shift-n
Fortify unit(s) f
Go to g
Go to Build City shift-b
Go / Airlift to City shift-l
Load l
Make Homecity h
Patrol q
Pillage shift-p
Return to nearest City shift-g
Select Units of same type y
Select Units of same type on same tile shift-y
Sentry Unit(s) s
Transform Terrain o
Unload u
Unload Transporter shift-u
Upgrade Unit ctrl-u
Wait w
Wake up others shift-w
View Commands
Center View on Unit c
City Growth ctrl-r
City Names ctrl-n
City Outlines ctrl-y
City Production ctrl-p
City Traderoutes ctrl-t
City Worker Output ctrl-w
Full Screen Mode alt-enter
Map Grid ctrl-g
National Borders ctrl-b

Shortcuts By KeyEdit

Alphabetical list of keys and their associated functions.

TODO: Complete this list once above one is final.

f Fortify unit(s)
s Sentry unit(s)

SDL Client ShortcutsEdit

List of useful shortcuts in the SDL client.

  • Tab to show input dialog (chatline)
  • ctrl - w hide/show fog of war
  • ctrl - r hide/show road/RR
  • ctrl - t hide/show terrains
  • ctrl - i hide/show irrigations/farmlands
  • ctrl - u hide/show units
  • ctrl - o hide/show pollutions
  • ctrl - p hide/show city productions
  • ctrl - s hide/show map specials
  • ctrl - g hide/show map grids
  • ctrl - b hide/show national borders
  • ctrl - l hide/show nuke waste
  • ctrl - c hide/show cities
  • ctrl - n hide/show city names
  • print screen make screenshot
  • F1 - cities report
  • F2 - units report
  • F3 - players report
  • F5 - economy report
  • F6 - science report
  • F7 - wonder list
  • F8 - top 5 cities
  • F10 - hide/show log
  • F11 - demographics
  • F12 - your space ship
  • MMB - advanced menu
  • Left Shift + LMB - advanced menu
  • left CTRL + LBM on city - open production dialog
  • left ALT + LBM on city - open buy production dialog
  • if active unit stays on city then Enter key opens the city dialog
  • Esc - options dlg
  • Shift + Enter - end turn

In options dlg

  • q exit game.

In city dlg:

  • c change production dlg.
  • h hurry production dlg.
  • a cma dlg.

In all dlgs:

  • ESC - exit/close dlg.
  • ENTER - ok/commit/etc.

In Worklist dlg.

  • LMB on "target" - change production to "target"
  • RMB on "target" - add "target" to work list
  • MMB on "target" - call help about "target"
  • LMB on "worklist item" - swap "item" up
  • RMB on "worklist item" - swap "item" down
  • MMB on "worklist item" - remove "item" from worklist

In Unit Info Window

  • LMB - next unit.
  • RMB - center on focused unit

In Science Window

  • MMB on "target" - call help about "target"

On MiniMap :

  • RMB center map here

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