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Warning: None of the current Freeciv maintainers use Mac OS X. The best current advice for Mac OS X users is to investigate the package managers below.

This page describes how to get Freeciv running on Mac OS X using the easier pre-built methods. For building from source, see Build-MacOSX

Install From Pre-built BinaryEdit

This is the easiest way to get up and running. However, pre-built packages have not been provided since 2.3.0.

Install from Homebrew Edit

Note: The commands below need to be copied and pasted into a terminal!

Head here to install Homebrew:

This is the current command to install Homebrew (check the site to make sure it hasn't changed):

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Then to install Freeciv tap the Homebrew-games keg:

brew tap homebrew/games

This repo hosts a variety of games, to install Freeciv:

brew install freeciv

On Yosemite if you get error "dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/local/lib/liblzma.5.dylib" then install xz library

brew install xz



Install from Fink Edit

You'll need to have X11 installed.  For OSX 10.8 and above, it is obtained from XQuartz. Now install fink. When that is done:

$fink install freeciv

This will take quite a while the first time you do it. When it's done, start a game with:


Install from MacPortsEdit

Prepare Mac OS XEdit

  • Install X11 and X11 SDK components. Both are available on your Mac OS X CD. However, X11 itself is also available as a download (Panther compatable download here) from Apple. (For 10.8, Mountain Lion, you will need to obtain XQuartz, see
  • Install Xcode 1.2, 1.5 (For Panther), 2.0 (For Tiger) or 3.0 (For Leopard)

Install MacPortsEdit

Mac Ports can be downloaded from . Here you'll find the versions for the different MAC OS X. 

Having installed MacPorts, you'll be able to execute the 'port' command in Terminal. This will the download the different packages and install FeeCiv on your HD.

% sudo port install freeciv-x11

Or try:

% sudo port install freeciv

Install from SourceEdit

This subject is complex enough that it has moved to its own page Build-MacOSX.

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