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This is very out of date!

This article outlines the facilities and services that make up Freeciv's infrastructure.

What we have Edit


  • Older versions of Freeciv up to and including 1.14.x use an older Metaserver at
  • Freeciv 2.0, 2.1, and later versions have a new Metaserver which you can find at

Sourcecode repositoryEdit

We use Subversion (SVN) hosted by

Bug Tracking SystemEdit

  • Since May 2009 the bug tracker for freeciv can be found at
  • The previous bug tracking system is still available at but should not be used for reporting bugs. If you lack a personal account on this server and would like to access old bug information, log in as 'guest' with password being the name of this project backwards in all lower-case.


We have a wiki at It is the only up-to-date website...


Our forum is phpbb with several custom patches applied and resides at It is outdated and upgrading has failed twice as of 2007.

Mailing listsEdit

Mailing lists are hosted by


We use the download section on for official downloads:


We host a an ftp at with anonymous upload activated for The FTP server is down indefinitely. We are using for downloads and the Gna patch tracker for uploads. hima 10:11, January 10, 2010 (UTC)


Official Freeciv IRC channel at Freenode. See Freeciv:Community Portal#IRC.


  • evyscr has three (now) cron scripts on that make S2_0 and S2_1 snapshot tarballs. This means I nave an svn branches tree there.

What we need Edit

Translator servicesEdit

  • Translation statistics
  • Automatic generation of msgmerged po files

Public servers (Pubserver)Edit

Pubserver was an online service to host Freeciv games and provides ranking and statistics amongst other things. It was operational from 1998 to 2006 but is offline as of 2007.

IRC logsEdit

IRC log bot used to be running (where are the logs?)


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