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This maybe a lie Edit

To incite a revolt in a city, there are several things that can go wrong. these infos are from (diplomat_success_vs_defender && diplomat_incite in diplomats.c)

  • there is a diplchance in percentage chance of getting to try the incite, e.g. diplchance = 80 gives a 80% chance of getting to try to subvert the city

if there is a diplomat in the city then:

  • the chance of sucess depends on diplchance, attacker == diplchance and defender == 100-diplchance
  • if veteran you get a bonus
  • if defender is on a tile with the effect S_Fortress and S_AIRBASE it gets a 25% bonus
  • a random multiplier is applied
  • if attacker > defender then attacker wins..

other stuff Edit

  • if attacker has the flag superspy it will always win (not used?)
  • if city has EFT_SPY_RESISTANT bonuses (not used?)

See Math of Freeciv, Diplomat

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