To update a tileset from 2.1 to 2.2 you must add some new graphics and change the format of a few tags.

The .tilespec fileEdit

  • Set tilespec format to options = "+tilespec4+2007.Oct.26"
  • Include the editor.spec file from misc/ (or create your own.)
  • Rename terrain tags from [terrain_foo] to [tile_foo].
  • Replace [tile_ocean] with [tile_coast], [tile_floor], and [tile_lake] (the last one is not mandatory.)
  • In the layer definitions, change match_types from ocean to water
  • For each terrain tile tag, remove the layerX_match_style values where X is the layer number.
  • For each terrain tile tag, add a layerX_match_with for each layer where X is the layer number. Assign the name of the terrain as value, e.g. layer0_match_with = "arctic".

Terrain spritesEdit

  • Rename ocean sprites coast.
  • Add floor (deep ocean) sprites - preferably a set of darker colored coastal (ocean) sprites.
  • Add lake sprites - preferably a set a lighter colored ocean sprites (optional - will fall back to regular coastal (ocean) sprites.)
  • Every terrain type must specify a layer, so for terrains with one layer add l0 between the t. and the terrain name. Ex. t.l0.grassland_n1e1s1w1
  • Rename fortress sprites base.fortress_bg and base.fortress_fg (the latter is optional.)
  • Rename air base sprite base.airbase_mg.
  • Add buoy sprite: base.buoy_mg.
  • Add ruins sprite: base.ruins_mg.

New files in misc/Edit

  • Editor related UI sprites (see misc/editor.png).

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