To update a tileset from 2.0 to 2.1 you must add many simple new graphics and change the format of a few tags.


  • is_pixel_border has to be changed to pixel_border

The .tilespec fileEdit

  • Set tilespec format to options = "+tilespec4"
  • Add the following tags:
    • priority
    • is_hex
    • unit_flag_offset_x, unit_flag_offset_y, city_flag_offset_x, city_flag_offset_y (replaces: flag_offset_x and flag_offset_y)
    • unit_offset_x, unit_offset_y
    • citybar_offset_y
    • city_names_font_size, city_productions_font_size (replaces: city_names_font and city_productions_font)
  • Include the following files from misc/ (or create your own):
    • colors.spec
    • overlays.spec
    • citybar.spec
    • shields.spec
    • cursors.spec
    • icons.spec
  • Include the following files, using either ones from an existing tileset with the same dimensions, or your own creations.
    • select.spec
    • grid.spec
    • fog.spec
  • Include: *include "misc/colors.tilespec"

City spritesEdit

  • The format of the city sprite tag is now: city.european_city_X where X is the city size.
  • The format of the walled city sprite tag is now: city.european_wall_X where X is the city size.
  • The format of the occupied city sprite tag is now: city.classical_occupied_X where X is the city size.

Terrain spritesEdit

  • Add a mask.tile tag that points to a tile mask (i.e. black tile).
  • The tx.fog tag should point to a transparent tile mask (otherwise the minimap's fog-of-war won't work).

New filesEdit

  • Grid sprites (see amplio/grid.png).
  • Fog-of-war sprites -- if unavailable, the tileset will revert to a less smooth fog (see amplio/fog.png). Can be generated with script in RT.
  • Select sprites (see amplio/select.png). Can be generated with script in RT.

New files in misc/Edit

  • Color sprites (see misc/colors.png).
  • Overlay sprites (see misc/overlays.png).
  • Citybar sprites (see misc/citybar.png).
  • Cursor sprites (see misc/cursors.png).

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