This is a wiki. If you have something to say that may be interesting for the Freeciv community, go ahead and add a page, or modify an existing one.

If you have never edited a wiki, take a look at the Wikia tutorials here or here.

If you intend to create a localized version of this wiki in your language, read on. This may help:

Choosing where to add your pagesEdit

You have two options: staying in the freeciv wiki, or creating a new one. Each has its pros and cons.

Staying in the main wikiEdit

You may just add the pages under If you do that, the title of your pages should start with your language code, and a colon, to avoid collisions and help people identify to which language your pages belong. The title of the page will be displayed prominently on top of the formatted page. For instance, if you are creating the Latin localization, the page where you describe the Explorer unit should be called La:Explorator.

You may find it useful to create a category for your pages. Just add, for instance, [[Category:Latin pages]] in the text of each of your pages. If you do that the Wiki software will automatically maintain a list of all the pages with this tag, that you can access from the bottom of each page.

Since you share the main wiki namespace, you have ready access to all the images, templates and stylesheets already created there. Your pages will inherit automatically the look and feel of the rest of the wiki.

Interlanguage wiki links (the kind that appears on the reserved space, under "in other languages") only work with separate wikis. Most pages in the Freeciv site, though, have a "This page in other languages" template that may link to either internal pages, or other wikis.

Starting a new wikiEdit

You may also choose to start a new wiki from scratch. This takes some more work, but it has some advantages. If you want interlanguage wiki links to work, you should follow the naming convention, and name it with the two letter language code, a dot, and "freeciv". In our former example, the "Freeciv for Romans" wiki should be la.freeciv.

The new wiki will have a clean namespace, and you don't have to prefix the pages with your language code. The downside is that, if you want to use the templates, images or stylesheets from the main Freeciv wiki, you have to copy them into the new wiki. Linking into the main wiki from your localized version is possible, but you need some more editing. A link into the main download page from your localized wiki, for instance, should be typed as [[w:c:Freeciv:Download]]

Getting helpEdit

There's always the community portal, but the fastest way to get help is the IRC. Just log in, and ask your question. There's always someone there who can answer your question, or at least redirect you to the right person to ask.

If you start a new wikiEdit

Requesting its creationEdit

If you decide to go for a new wiki, the first step is to ask the wikia staff to create it. This is done in Wikia's requests site, but you should really read this page before.

About skinsEdit

Wikia is promoting a new skin, called Quartz, and new wikis use this skin by default. It is quite different from the previous default that older wikis (like Freeciv) use, and the logo is supposed to have a different shape (landscape instead of portrait). You may change the skin in your personal preferences, but new users will see the Quartz skin. If you would like the whole wiki to have the older Monobook skin, you have to ask the staff via the contact form. There is no guarantee that your request will get accepted. Make sure you have a good reason to request the change (like sharing the look & feel with the parent wiki).

By the way, the choice of skin affects bots. See the bot page.

Style sheets and important pagesEdit

The look of the site is controlled via the following pages. You may copy them shamelessly, or create your own:





Getting interlanguage links to workEdit

Someone in staff has to add your wiki to the Freeciv family. TOR can do it, or you may ask in IRC.


The Freeciv manual has lots of images. Copying all these images to your wiki could be really tedious. This is where bots come into play. This page is an introduction to the use of pywikipediabot, with some examples.

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