1 Maps generated by Freeciv 2.4, landmass 33 %, wrapped, 30 civs, 100 tiles/civ.

Startpos Random Fractal Island

Gen=random startpos=single

Gen=fractal startpos=single

Gen=island startpos=single
2or3 Gen=random startpos=2or3 Gen=fractal startpos=2or3 Gen=island startpos=2or3
Variable Gen=random startpos=variable Gen=fractal startpos=variable
Gen=island startpos=variable

The same as single + small islands

All switched to variable
Gen=fractal startpos=all separatepoles=disabled

Not wrapped

Gen=fractal startpos=all 2

A new world for colonization can be vast...

Gen=fractal startpos=all

...or very small

Gen=fractal startpos=all landmass=15

Landmass=15. The lower landmass the bigger chances for a few starting continents because they haven't grown enough during generating to be connected.

switched to 2or3

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