"Europe (classic/giant)" is one of the standard scenarios downloadable with Freeciv 2.5.0 and earlier. It is also available online at Freeciv-web.

The map is 200 tiles wide and 100 tiles long. The map extends from North Africa in the south to Scandinavia in the north, as well as Central Asia in the east to the Atlantic in the west. Note that the map does not extend to the northern tip of the Baltic Sea, meaning that southern Scandinavia is cut off from Finland and the rest of the continent.

Even the Crimean Peninsula is worth building on. You can start with at least 22 nations; most of those with European or Mediterranean names will start near their real-life locations; a few non-European civilizations may be inserted at random locations (e.g., Zulus in Finland).

There are no huts to be found anywhere on the map, even though the options screens suggest that there are 50.

Unlike other scenarios, Europe gives triremes ample room to sail past friendly territories. (Little or no use if you start in Austria, Hungary, or Russia, because triremes will probably be outdated by the time you colonize a coast.)

Typical spawning points in the map for barbarians and pirate landings include Brittany, Iberia, Northern Russia and Scandinavia, although barbarians and pirates will appear anywhere on the map if the conditions are right.