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Key features planned for future releases:

2.6 3.0 3.1 3.2 and beyond
  • Generalised extras
  • New soundtrack system
  • Minimal Ruleset Editor
  • Achievements
  • SDL2 client
  • Gtk3.22 client
  • Generalized action enablers for caravan and spy actions
  • Culture
  • Threaded AI: Autosettlers
  • Vista as minimum Windows version
  • Human Readable output from Ruledit
  • Alien World ruleset
  • Trade Goods
  • Resources as tile extras
  • Project config
  • More action enabler controlled actions
  • Utility to upgrade ruleset format
  • Drop Xaw client
  • Drop SDL client
  • Windows Installer builds based on msys2
  • Windows builds with IPv6 support
  • Win7 as minimum Windows version
  • Full Ruleset Editor
  • More action moddability (enablers, consequences, costs, etc)
  • Alternative Traderoute system
  • Wormholes / Teleports
  • Improved Policies framework
  • Tile extras built by cities
  • World object (contains map and more)
  • Threaded AI: Unit movement
  • Runtime selection between normal/web server modes
  • Ruleset item obsolescense
  • AI: Sea Workers
  • Drop Gtk2 client
  • Gtk4 client

This is a list of features that the maintainers want to add to the next releases (ignoring 2.5 which is stable), currently labeled "2.6", "3.0", and "3.1". Please do not edit this page unless you have svn write access.

Current 2.6 release goals Edit

2.6 feature status: User:Cazfi/2.6 Status

Current 3.0 release goals Edit

3.0 feature status: User:Cazfi/3.0 Status

Current 3.1 release goals Edit

3.1 feature status: User:Cazfi/3.1 Status

TODO list Edit

  • generalize requirements GNAPATCH#1338
  • Stop the SDL2 client rotting...
  • Figure out a way to add animation to the map drawing backend.
  • Start work on a Civilization III style ruleset (should be easier than SMAC IMHO). It doesn't need to be 100% compatible at the beginning.
  • New governments rules.
  • Improve AI attitudes and diplomacy (ex.  AI should prioritize its survival and seek peace when losing.  Relationships should not remain static the entire game (war/peace/alliance).  Should accept reasonable deals.)

Feel free to pitch in to help code any of the above.

Construction ZoneEdit

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