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It's a great game, and was the inspiration for Freeciv.

"Civilization" was created in 1990 by Sid Meier. In "Civilization" there are 14 nations and 5 levels of difficulty {Chieftain, Lord, Prince, King and Emperor}. You begin in 4000 B.C with one group Settlers.

-Cities - Foundation of the first city {capital city} is the beginning of civilization. In the city you build buildings {barracks, libraries, walls, banks etc.}, wonders {Pyramids, Hoover Dam, Cure for Cancer, J.S Bach's Cathedral, etc.} and units {Army Units, Settlers, Diplomats, Caravans}. The cities pay taxes, discover technologies, and take territories.

-Roads - It's built by settlers and workers. Roads grow production, trade output, and increase movement {1 move without road = 3 move with road}

-Irrigation - It's built only by Settlers. Irrigations grow food output by 1-3, and are only buildable on plains, grasslands, hills, and deserts.

-Mine - It's built only by Settlers. Mines grow production output {shields} by 1-3, and are only buildable on mountains, hills and deserts.

"Civilization" runs on DOS.