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This page was written by a fan and contains some small errors. A more official version is at's_Civilization. See also Civ1 on this wiki.

It's a great game, was the inspiration for Freeciv.

"Civilization" has been created in 1990 by Sid Meier. In "Civilization" there are 14 nations and 5 levels of difficulty {Chieftian, Lord, Prince, King and Emperor}. You begin in 4000 B.C with one group Settlers.

-Citys - of foundation first city {capital city} is beginning of the civilization. In the city you build buldings {barracks, libraries, walls, banks etc.}, wonders {Pyramids, Hoover Dam, Cure of Cancer, J.S Bach Cathedral, etc.} and units {Army Units, Settlers, Diplomats, Caravans}. The cities pay taxes, discovered technologies, takes territories.

-Roads - its build by settlers and workers. Roads growing production, trade and increases movement {1 move without road = 3 move with road}

-Irrigations - its build only by Settlers. Irrigation growing production food by 1-3, but not buildable on the tundras, arctic, forests, jungles, swamps and mountains

-Mines - its build only by Settlers. Mines growing production {shields} by 1-3, only buildable on the mountains, hills and deserts.

"Civilization" runs on DOS.

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