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This page lists a number of ongoing projects to provide better graphics in Freeciv. Please add your own project here if you wish!

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FreeCIV Dock Icon & Hi Res IconEdit

I am creating and maintaining a DeviantArt dock icon page for Freeciv. This includes a hi-res PNG file and a merged ICO of various resolutions. Eventually this icon should be merged with the Freeciv install, if it hasn't already. If anyone has the vector or hi-res raster (at least 512px, transparent, pref PNG) of the Freeciv logo, please message me via Deviant Art.

Freeciv Dock Icon DeviantArt Page


Buckyball is a project to play Freeciv on a true 3D globe. It is going to need nice models and textures as it matures.

SVG tilesetEdit

A project to create an SVG tileset was started by Arturo Espinosa Aldama under the name of Worms, featuring characters from the video game of the same name. His work is published on his homepage and archived on It is at the time of writing incomplete.

The project was subsequently forked by Frédéric Rodrigo who removed the worms theme and called it R-hires!. He aimed for the ambitious goal of having every single piece of tileset-defined sprite being rendered from SVG. This project is nearly completed, but lacks (at the time of writing) any SVG unit sprites. His work is published on his homepage and archived on

jetanhex92 tilesetEdit

Lusque is working on a larger hex tileset called jetanhex, featuring high-res 3D rendered terrain. For more info, see the relevant forum thread.

Blender 3D building and tech iconsEdit

Feler404 is working on a set of building and technology icons rendered in 3D with Blender. See the relevant forum thread or this Polish site.

Note: As of Freeciv 2.1, some of feler404's work has been integrated with the Amplio tileset.

New "small" icons setEdit

The icons used in the Freeciv GUI were drawn at the beginning of Freeciv and didn't changed since (example of old icons). I tried to draw those icons to look better for version 2.0, with a reorganisation of the corresponding ".spec" file (example of new icons). To use these new graphics, just copy the files small.png and small.spec into the /usr/local/share/freeciv/misc/ directory or its equivalent on your computer.

Heightmap-based renderingEdit

This is a prototype for a heightmap-based renderer for the Freeciv client. It used bumpmapping in combination with a heightmap-function to do the rendering. It is based in an idea from the land-script in GIMP 2.2. See also this forum thread.

Blender 3D models by YautjaEdit

Yautja is working on some great Blender 3D models for Freeciv units. See his user page and also this thread at the forum.

Blender 3D models by SkyscufflerEdit

Skyscuffler made a suite of animated models for Freeciv, numbering about a dozen. Originally posted in this thread, now archived on

Isophex 2.0 tilesetEdit

Andreas made a new version of his Isophex hexagonal tileset. See this RT ticket.

Note: This tileset is included by default as of Freeciv 2.0.

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