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  • 1st Dec 2008Freeciv 2.1.8 fixes a serious crasher issue that was introduced in 2.1.7. Updating is recommended for all users! ~The Freeciv Dev Team
  • 23 Nov 2008Freeciv 2.1.7 is now available. A number of crashers and other server issues were fixed in this release. Download it now. :) ~The Freeciv Dev Team
  • 11 Aug 2008Freeciv 2.1.6 has been released. This time we can offer a large range of fixes for scenario and custom ruleset games. Download the source packages - binaries will be made available within short. ~The Freeciv Dev Team
  • 7 Jul 2008 – For all of you who still play Freeciv 2.0.x series, here's a treat for you: Freeciv 2.0.10. It contains well over a year's worth of bugfixes. Give it a try today! ~The Freeciv Dev Team
  • 17 Jun 2008 – Freeciv 2.1.5 has been released. See what's new and download it now. Updating is recommended for all users! ~The Freeciv Dev Team
  • 21 Apr 2008 – Freeciv 2.1.4 is now available. Read the news and download it. The highlight of this release is a number of crashfixes for better stability. ~The Freeciv Dev Team
  • 7 April 2008 – The 12th Longturn Freeciv game (LT12) has started. It's a 30 player game and runs on Freeciv 2.0.X (warclient is recommended). Post here to join the game by taking over from an idle player, when there is one. ~Marduk
  • 25 Jan 2008 – Another maintenance release of Freeciv, 2.1.3, is now available. See what's new and download it. Please note that this is the source code only. Packages for Windows and Mac OS X will be made available as they are created. ~The Freeciv Dev Team